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Our advanced technology platform allows businesses to

-Gain insight into every phone call

-Drive Revenue

-Prove R.O.I.

Reports Reports Reports

Customizable reports based on your date ranges with labels that work for you.

Provision Numbers

Find new tracking numbers based on Zip Code, Area Code, Phone Number and based on if it contains a certain number.

Call Recording

Understand what happened in the phone call.   Call recordings allows you to listen to the call to improve quality for your customers.

Manage Users

You have control over your account.  Assign your users different permissions and what phone lines they access for.

Fastest Load Times

Our software is designed to be fast and always be up and running.

Customer Support

We are here to help!  We don't hide are phone number and or email.  Call us anytime when ever you have a question.


Your business deserves much more than just a standard call tracking solution and that is what MMS/CallCounts delivers. Your job is busy enough we aren’t here to just dump data on you. MMS/CallCounts provides actionable analytics to help you understand your marketing and sales performance data by analyzing call tracking as a performance metric. call tracking is our base product. Yet, we also understand that call tracking is no longer “revolutionary,” and most phone systems can now record calls. That is why MMS/CallCounts can also use your outside call recordings to deliver our insights into business performance metrics.


We deliver data to solve, strategize, and implement real solutions for your business – not just to leave you to figure it out on your own. Our reporting provides constant insights into your business and benchmarks your progress. MMS/CallCounts is your source for business performance.

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